You’re a wonderful hospital with kind and caring doctors and nurses.

Sandra Cooper, Patient

In January of 2014, I was in the emergency room of Bronson of Battle Creek. I was so sick it was unreal. So after they did all the test that the Dr. ordered it came back that I had Influenza part A, Bronchitis, and the start of pneumonia, on top of C.O.P.D. The Dr. came in and told me I was going to be with them for awhile. So around 3 or so in the morning I was taken up stairs to 2nd floor. The nurses on that floor were so kind and very prompt at taking care of me. One day there was this lady that come to my door and introduced herself as Brenda from Pulmonary Rehabilitation and asked me if I wanted to come and see what the program was all about. So I told her yes I would.So she told me she would wait for 2weeks after I was discharged then she would contact me. Sure enough she did contact me. I feel that by going to this class and learning all about the lung disease that I have and exercising has made me more stronger. I would like to thank Brenda and Deb from Pulmonary Rehab, for being there and helping me move forward. I also want to give Bronson of Battle Creek a huge thank you for all the kind care that I received back in January. YOU’RE A WONDERFUL HOSPITAL WITH KIND AND CARING DOCTORS AND NURSES. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!