Your team is a blessing and we couldn’t be happier with the care

Samantha Sherlock, Family Member

Last week my father was admitted to the 4E Cardiac unit after recently being diagnosed with pulmonary HTN along with his known pulmonary fibrosis. He was requiring max FiO2 on high flow and, though the doctors and team did everything they could, it was determined that he would never successfully wean off the high flow or bipap and my father made the decision to enter palliative care. The team at the palliative meeting on Wed 3/3/21 were wonderful and the doctor (apologies that I can’t remember his name) was kind and understanding and listened to his concerns as well as those of my sister and I. For some insight, my father was a PA and my sister and I are both RNs with critical care backgrounds. The decision was made that he would start a palliative wean from high flow Thursday morning; however in typical “dad fashion” he changed his mind and decided at shift change Wednesday night that he would go forward with his palliative wean (doesn’t it always have to happen at shift change?).

I was already impressed with your team, however this is where they blew us away with their care. His RN Amanda and PCA Rianna were fantastic and the charge RN, Michelle, facilitated his care with perfection. We understand that the 4E Cardiac Unit probably doesn’t do palliative weans regularly, but you wouldn’t know that by their actions. The were in the room within seconds of tapping the call light and provided perfect support (never hovering, but always available). They also gave my sister and I the greatest gift we could have received… the ability to help guide decisions about his care as he passed. Our opinion was asked about medications and titrations of O2 and it provided the greatest comfort that we could hope. He trusted my sister and I to ensure he passed quietly and peacefully and your team allowed us to keep that promise. Thank you. At one point, when I started trying to assist with postmortem care, Michelle told me to stop, take my nurse hat off, and rest; Michelle, thank you for that and thank you for letting us be “nurses” enough to get through his passing.

I also want to thank other members of the care team that helped us leading up to his passing, especially Cindy, Isabelle, and Geonna. His wife was quite… anxious… and they all were so patient and understanding with her and hopefully the arrival of my sister and I helped to take some of that strain from your team. For anyone I didn’t mention that was involved in his care, you are so appreciated and we are so grateful to you.

To the leadership team that oversees this unit, you should be so proud! Your team is a blessing and we couldn’t be any happier with the care they provided. So, from the depth of our hearts…. Thank you.