You will never know what that meant to me

Jennifer, Patient

To The Professional Ladies & Gentlemen at Bronson Center for Women

I don’t know if you realize that every time you:

  • Hold a hand
  • Dab a tear
  • Use positive language
  • Distract from the reality
  • Are generous with local anisthetic
  • Are thorough with direction or instruction
  • Are efficient to make it all go faster
  • Apologize that it hurts
  • Give an unprompted but much needed hug
  • Are encouraging and reassuring

It makes a difference. You may not have the power to change or influence somebody’s diagnosis, but you have all the power to make the journey as tolerable as possible.

Thank you for being so kind and gentle with me on that journey. You will never know what that meant to me. All my gratitude.