You will never know how many lives you will touch

Monique Austell, Employee

I became a car seat technician in 2007 to teach parents how to properly install and use a car seat to help prevent childhood injuries and fatalities in our community. It’s not something parents are always thinking about and they don’t realize they are doing it wrong until we teach them the right way. There’s a lot of information for parents to know and understand when it comes to car seat safety and the law. The hospital is where the process of learning how to prevent injuries begins when parents bring a new baby into the world. It’s important to visit a car seat check where a technician can help make sure the seat is appropriate for the child and fits correctly in the parent’s vehicle.

My niece passed away in an automobile accident because her car seat was not installed properly. I am inspired every day to prevent this tragedy from happening to other families in our community. This work is rewarding and makes me feel good because our children are precious. You will never know how many lives you will touch by teaching parents in our community how to protect their children.

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