You took such good care of our baby, and we never got to fully thank you

Kim Rafferty, Family Member

A little over a year ago we were sent to the Bronson’s Children Hospital in Kalamazoo, MI for our little guy Logan. He was 4 days old. We were at his first visit with his Pediatrician when his O2 stats dropped and he started to turn blue. He didn’t know how to swallow right. We spent a week in the PICU because the NICU was full. We were terrified. What was wrong with our baby? We had no idea. From the moment we stepped into the PICU we were taken care of. Every single person was amazing, the Attendees, the Residents, the staff. They were wonderful. I really want to praise our nurses though. I’ve wanted to send a message to all of the Nurses on that floor for a long time but I haven’t because of one thing or another. We wanted to come visit when Logan turned 1 but, COVID-19 happened. You guys were everything to us in that moment. You comforted our fears, got us everything we needed, took Logan on a walk so we could sleep at night because we were exhausted. You took such good care of our baby, and we never got to fully thank you. So thank you, I’m sorry it’s a year later, but thank you! If you worked the PICU May 20-27 2019, we love you and we thank you! Logan is amazing. Perfect. And still has a head full of blonde hair.

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