You showed that you know how traumas can impact more than just the patient

Robyn Lenz, Family Member

Thursday, April 15th, our 5 year old daughter, Krystiana, had a bad landing off the end of a wet slide after school. This resulted in a very obvious arm break. I was encouraged to take her to the Bronson Urgent Care on Beckley Road in Battle Creek instead of her Doctor’s office at Pro-Med in Portage. I was trying to coordinate with my husband to come to the school to pick up our remaining children and realized that I did not have a copy of our insurance card in my wallet. My husband called ahead to the office on Beckley and they told him that he could take a photo of it and send it to me to share with them when I arrived. By the time I arrived, my daughter was in so much pain and was showing signs of shock. The receptionist got a nurse and doctor right away and got me right in. Once they did an initial assessment, the Doctor shared that this was a break that needed treatment that they would be unable to manage at their facility and advised us to go to Bronson Methodist Emergency in Kalamazoo. She took the time to speak very calmly and gently to my daughter assuring her that she would be okay and that she was a very brave and strong little girl. She then took the time to make sure that I was okay and ensured that I knew where I needed to take her as she could probably see I was a bit frazzled with everything going on. She tenderly talked Krystiana through putting on a temporary splint, wrap, and sling to help her 35 minute trip be a bit more comfortable and sent us on our way foregoing any further delay.

The level of care, compassion and generosity exhibited at the Bronson Urgent Care on Beckley Road was such a blessing and God-send to our family! Krystiana’s arm break was more severe, all 3 bones, and required 2 procedures, including 3 pins to help hold the bones in place for healing. We are so grateful to the TEAM of medical professionals that serve our community! Thank You for really ‘seeing’ US. Not only did you show such care to the smallest of patients but also to their caretakers. You showed that you know how traumas can impact more than just the patient that you are treating.

You receive 5 GOLD STARS from our family for sure!!!

Thank YOU! with LOVE and PRAYERS, the Lenz family

You ALL are our HEROES!! Thank You for making a difference!

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