You should be proud of this nursing team!

Katherine Raltz, Patient

A few of the nurses who provided exceptional care to Katherine.

A few of the PCAs who provided exceptional care to Katherine.

I was admitted to Bronson LakeView Hospital on February 14 for treatment of severe side effects of chemo and radiation. I was in a great deal of distress and pain and was anxious about my condition.

I would be considered a high maintenance patient, in that my condition required constant interventions, IV fluids and meds, oral medications, sub-cu injections, lab tests and vital signs all on what seemed a like a non-stop basis.

If you check my in-patient records, you will see the names of the nurses who cared for me. Each nurse was truly professional and competent, as well as being comforting and compassionate. I am just not able to trust my memory, and no nurse should be omitted from this letter.

Jenn was the nurse who stressed the importance of the medication, Cholestyramine, which eventually resolved my problem. Latisha was so very dedicated and consulted with the pharmacy on setting up my Potassium IV so it was not painful. Anna was always smiling and helped me to find a comfortable bed position with an air pillow that she found. Leana, Macy, Stacey and Roxanne were some of the nurses who were so patient with me, made sure I knew to call if I needed anything – at all.

Without exception, all the nurses were as cheerful and patient upon leaving from a 12-hour shift, as they were upon arrival. I feel that I cannot adequately express the gratitude I have for the care that I was given.

I also want to mention the PCAs, Carol, Beth and Chris, who responded to my many requests for ice chips and supplies, etc., all with cheerfulness and a helpful attitude.

You should be very proud of this nursing team!


Katherine Raltz