You made my delivery experience special

Sarah Pesonen, Patient

I want to give a big thank you to the Bronson labor and delivery floor! The front desk registration (I think Sam?!) was awesome and always welcoming. I was pregnant with twin’s and started off going 2 times a week for my NST. It was a joy to start my visit to see her. Then in triage my husband and I would see Ashlie every Monday and Amy the next days. I can’t thank you ladies enough for chasing my babies around with the sensors to try to catch their heartbeats.

Also, I have to say that I love Dr. Dearing! I can’t tell everyone enough how blessed we were to have her deliver my twin’s that evening on Labor Day. (It was a crazy busy evening.) I want to give a shout out to all the wonderful and amazing nurses that were helping Dr. Dearing to deliver my babies, too! I didn’t get everyone’s names besides Autumn and another nurse (we saw at Target the week after we had them, I can’t remember your name… ugggh! lol) that night. Also thank you, Brittany, and more. I’m terrible sorry I didn’t write everyone’s names down. Amy took care of me the most, you’re thee biggest sweetheart and did awesome!! I just want to say that we were blessed to have all of the labor and delivery nurses that took care of us; you ladies all did an amazing job. You probably don’t get told that enough, but truly you made my delivery experience special!

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