You have a great team of caring people

Stacy Niles, Family Member

My father was transferred from the neurobehavioral unit in Paw Paw to the med floor because they suspected he had pneumonia. He was in bad shape when the med floor got him to the point that a couple of providers were talking to us about hospice. Every single staff member on the med floor was wonderful! You have a great team of caring people. My father was walking, talking and eating on his own when he went into the NB unit but when the med floor got him just over a week later he couldn’t do any of those things. He wasn’t able to swallow and had eaten in a while. They worked with him and us and he is on the road to recovery. He was transferred to Kalamazoo after they discovered a bad infection in his arm. He is eating again (soft foods only) and talking. He is not walking yet but I’m sure he will be soon. I have never met a more caring, helpful and professional group of people than those on the med floor at Paw Paw. Every shift had great people and I want to thank all of them for helping us through a very tough time.

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