Bronson, you have a good one in her

David Smith, Patient

I saw something really good happen today in Battle Creek and I think the person should be commended. I had to go to the Bronson  lab for a blood draw for a routine physical. I was in my car getting my paperwork around when I noticed a man pushing his bike and looking like heat stroke was hitting him. I was about to get out and see if he needed help when I saw a Bronson worker get out of her car and run out to him and help him. She took his bike and helped him out of the heat, sat him down, got him water, cool towels and took care of him. After about 30 minutes he was back to normal, it was a little scary to watch because the man looked like he was about to just fall over. The woman was his guardian angel. I went in and did my appointment and found out her name was Sarah W. and she works at Bronson Laboratory – Battle Creek College St. Bronson, you have a good one in her.