You can’t beat the atmosphere, the quality care given, and the people.

Tim Walsh, Patient

It all started when I went to my primary care provider for an annual physical. I had a standard PSA blood test done for prostate cancer detection. The results came back, and my numbers were elevated. A second blood test was done to confirm the elevated numbers. Those results again were high. I ended up having a biopsy and it was confirmed that I had prostate cancer. My urologist, Dr. Sweeney at Bronson Urology Specialists, referred me to Dr. Mudge at the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center.
My experience from the very start was outstanding. I was a little apprehensive in the beginning, not having gone through something like this before or knowing what to expect. But everyone was very comforting and professional from the moment you walk in the door. The personnel at the registration desk to the doctors, everyone is upbeat and smiling. My technicians, Patty, Tori, Kara, Liz and Ariel, were all great!

For my prostate cancer, I was given the option to receive radiation treatment or a prostatectomy. For me personally and my lifestyle, I chose radiation treatment. In addition, I also decided to use the latest technology in radiation treatment called Calypso. Calypso uses GPS markers inserted in the prostate prior to treatment. The GPS markers pinpoint the radiation to the exact spot for treatment. It’s very precise technology. I first learned about Calypso from Dr. Mudge. Knowing it’s the latest in radiation technology for prostate cancer, it gave me an “at ease” feeling knowing I was getting the best treatment available anywhere. I’m so glad I chose Calypso. Patty, one of the amazing nurses, was the first person I met on this journey. She performed my treatment simulation, which is when I’m shown how things work and what to expect daily during treatment. The simulation helped make me feel much more comfortable, because I was able to see the treatment room and get a tour of the facility. It helped me feel relaxed. Everyone at the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center is very knowledgeable with the equipment. All the technicians can answer any questions asked. You can tell they really love what they do. I don’t know what cancer treatment would be like without their daily smiles and laughter. You’d never know if they were having a bad day because they made it all about me!

Everyone at the Bronson Cancer Care Center is so nice. It was always “Good morning, Tim.” Very personalized. You can’t beat the atmosphere, the quality care given, and the people.

Thank you, all. I’m doing great!