You appreciate when your loved one gets phenomenal care

Gayle Jacobs, Family Member

I felt compelled to reach out to you so you would be sure to know of the tremendous care we received following an accident over 4th of July weekend.

We were initially seen by Dr. Dodich at Rambling Rd Peds on Stadium who was great with my son’s exam and also worked with me (Mom) to come to a measured approach to further examining his head injury. She was extremely prompt in reaching out in follow up and so diligent with our communication after care. (We were so thankful to get an appointment as quickly as we did coming off of the holiday weekend.)

The x-ray tech on Stadium was fantastic with my slightly uncooperative 7 year old, and clearly diligent in her precision. Her professionalism was evident.

Once we realized a brain CT would be a prudent next step, we were so grateful to swiftly get an appointment at the hospital downtown. We barely had to wait once there, staff was delightful and the radiology technician was terrific with us.

We were stunned at how quickly results were available via MyChart (and such a relief when they came in). Diligent staff still called afterwards to ensure we understood the findings.

As a parent, going through something this worrying with a child, you appreciate when your loved one gets phenomenal care; it chokes me up as I write given what we were facing. From the speed to being seen at different, successive appointments, to the quality of care and staff communication, your team hit a total home run. Please acknowledge these professionals accordingly.

Very gratefully,
Gayle Jacobs

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