You all should be very proud of the very important work you do

John Davis, Patient

I wanted to take a moment to thank-you and the care team for all you did during my hospitalization for Covid last week. I continue to make slow, steady progress. While there, one of the nurses, Megan, let me know that Bronson had over 100 nurses out with Covid, and that day you had lost one of your own. This news was emotionally overwhelming. Why would so many people risk their own lives and the lives of people close to them to save my life and the lives of people like me? Strangers? It is humbling.

I really don’t know how one thanks people for this type of sacrifice. Saying “thank-you” doesn’t really seem sufficient. So, I want to take a moment to recognize some of the people that did such a great job taking care of me. My PCA’s were Johnny, Quesha, and Kaelyn. My nurses were Conrad (ER), Megan, Amanda, Mary Jo, Jennifer, Beth, and a special thanks to Naomi, who was the night nurse my 1st night, and guided me through the lowest point of my life. Thanks also to the people I didn’t catch their names: x-ray tech’s, lab tech’s, environmental services and food-service.

Of course, a huge thank-you to you, Dr. Miller, for the great care, and also a thanks to my primary, Dr. James Carow for calling me late Monday evening, long after regular office hours, and correctly assessing my condition without being able to examine me in person. His absolute insistence on my going to the hospital was key.

I found everyone I encountered at Bronson to be over-the-top friendly, engaging and caring. My needs were always sought out and provided cheerfully. You have a great team on the Covid ward! You all should be very proud of the very important work you do. THANK-YOU!