Every ED, Ortho and Rehabilitation employee involved, you all are helping me recover from the unexpected

Daniel Maycock, Patient

On 3/21/2022, it was a sunny and warm spring day, a perfect day for a bike ride!  I went for a bike ride with my spouse around 6pm!  Around 7pm we were heading home, about a block from our house when I had a horrible crash that ended in a Terrible Triad fracture of my left elbow, breaking the radius in 4 places and dislocating my elbow/left arm in 2 places.  At the scene of the accident, many people stopped to help which restored my faith in humanity, then came the ambulance to take me to Bronson.

In the ED, I was first seen by Resident Dr. Eric Hovda, he was very nice and thorough in his assessment of my injuries.  Dr. Sumit Patel, Orthopedic Physician, came in to assess the dislocations and reset my arm.   Dr. Patel and “Barbie” worked together as a team to reset my arm which was a HUGE PAIN relief, relief that the pain medication wasn’t touching.  After Dr. Patel and Barbie reset and splinted me, I was able to go home for the evening.   I do have to compliment Dr. Abigail Harrelson for her compassion at my bedside and also her supervision of the resident, she was AMAZING!  The ED did consult with Dr. Gorman at Bronson Trauma, he recommended a consult the next day vs surgery that night, which I was thankful for.   I was released home in pretty good shape.

The following morning, I was contacted by Carrie RN at Dr. Jason Roberts clinic to see about coming in for a consult.  I gladly accepted the first available appointment that day.   I was so impressed by Bronson Ortho Trauma, Dr. Jason Roberts, RN Carrie, MA Brooke, Robin (X-ray Technologist), the front desk staff Lyssa and Leslie and the Practice Manager Kyleigh.  I truly felt welcomed, like I was home.  Dr. Roberts surgery was scheduled by Zach the following day 3/23/22, Zach was so nice and compassionate, he explained my surgery date/time/location and ensured I had no further questions.  I was so relieved knowing that I had such a great team behind me.

Surgery on 3/23/22 was flawless, the discharge instructions were easy and the follow up has been amazing post surgery.  I look forward to seeing these fabulous folks on a follow up basis as I continue to recover from this horrible life experience.

Post surgery Physical Therapy at Bronson Rehab Centre Street has also been amazing.  Brian Jacobs and Clancy Smith, along with the front desk staff have been so great!  I have been in to see them several times and they are working on getting my ROM back.  I appreciate everything they do for me!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to every ED, Ortho and Rehabilitation employee involved, you all are helping me recover from the unexpected and you all continue to shine in my eyes every day!


Daniel Maycock

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