Wow, I can’t say enough good things!

Max Corning , Patient

Wow, I can’t say enough good things! My morning started out with a call to Bronson and spoke with nurse Terri L and gave her my symptoms she advised me to go to the emergency room. Upon arrival at the emergency department, I was checked in less than 20 minutes. First contact with the PA and Doc was excellent there compassion, knowledge and professionalism were outstanding. The nurse that came in and started the IV did a flawless job and his demeanor put me at ease. The doctor determined that I needed a cat scan and even pushed me to the imaging room himself. when the results came back they determined I needed surgery within one hour I was taken up to the operating room prep area that’s where I met Joe who helped me get ready he talked to me and helped me relax as he washed me to prep me for surgery. Then there was Colleen who also helped me by giving me medicine to help prevent MERSA not to mention a nice warm blanket. This all took place in four hours. please thank them all for me. I know forgot a bunch of people that also took care of me and I would like to thank them as well.

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