Working out again makes me feel so much better

Kris Ayers, Bronson Wellness Center Member

It is so great to be back at the Wellness Center! Although I always felt like the club was safe and clean, I feel so even more now. The club has so many safety protocols in place and they are very convenient.

  • Hand sanitizer is located before I even get to the check-in desk.
  • Auto temp checks at check-in.
  • Each machine has its own microcloth and spray bottle to be used before and after workouts (much better than a sweaty towel).
  • Machines are spaced out and everyone has masks on.

Thank you to club staff for keeping the club safe and clean so members can get back to working out. With the constant cleaning, masks and social distancing, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Working out again makes me feel so much better, and so does seeing friends!