Working in my own community has been very rewarding

Aaron, Employee

I’ve worked at Bronson for five months as an ultrasound tech. I enjoy my work because of the teamwork I have seen from the entire system. It has been really refreshing. I am also happy to be working within my own community because I know I am helping those who live around me.

With having only been on the team for a short period of time, I have learned a lot of new skills, including how to scan different types of exams. I feel supported from each level of leadership. They’ve shown me different styles and techniques with scanning, which has made learning new exams and taking on more work much easier.

I feel appreciated by my team and they express their gratitude whenever one another goes above and beyond what is expected. I also appreciate that when I need time off, I’m shown understanding and patience.

The work environment at Bronson is a friendly atmosphere with people who encourage one another and have patience when it comes to learning and teaching others. I’m motivated by the work we get to do, which is providing necessary care to people who need it most.

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