Working at Bronson meant a more internally fulfilling path!

Charity Alderson, Employee

I have worked in Medical Staff Services at Bronson since January 2018 as a physician development specialist.  I chose to work at Bronson because I felt it would help me make a positive impact, which meant a more internally fulfilling path.

One area where I get to make this impact is with provider continuing education. Courses, like the Cleveland Clinic Communication course, make a big impact on the culture at Bronson and helps providers learn a great deal about empathy and communicating with patients and staff—the takeaway gained from the course is priceless.

After being at Bronson for six months, I feel like I have been given a lot of opportunities for growth. I have become a member of the critical incident stress management team (CISM),  and I am able to engage in things like our CRISIS subcommittee and Physician Burnout team, which are two groups pushing to create a caring and supportive network amongst providers. Behind the scenes I do a lot of deep-diving into data analysis, statistical research and project management, which is where new ideas are always forming. My leaders allow me to bring new ideas to the table and I feel like I am always learning something new!

My favorite part about working in Medical Staff Services is our team’s dedication to successfully bringing new providers onto Bronson’s medical staff, then engaging them with educational opportunities, system-wide meetings and events, new ways of networking, as well as  social activities. Our department as a whole goes above and beyond to support our providers. From a quarterly book club and physician helpline, to reappointment application assistance and onboarding process help, we are always trying to help make it a positive and helpful experience.

Bronson Positivity to me represents the whole culture at Bronson. Whether you are a patient, employee or visitor, Bronson is a place that I believe truly cares and wants to find the best experience for everyone. I can feel Positivity at all four hospital locations and in the practices I visit, and it is incredible.