Worked so hard to make my stay safe, great and enjoyable

Donald "Bob" Drake, Patient

On April 1, 2015 I came to Bronson to get a total reconstruction on my right knee. Even thought this was my fifth major operation in the last ten years, I was really nervous and scared. I had two great things in my favor. First, Dr. Kokmeyer was my Doctor, and two, and array of nurses, therapists and PCAs that are better than any I have ever seen. Cathy, Rhonda Lynn, Tina, Courtney, Martena, Jessie, Whitney, Lori, Katie and Chris made a scary situation into a great experience. These women worked so hard to make my stay safe, great and enjoyable. They are friendly, happy funny, but also extremely professional and ‘Rock Solid’ in doing their jobs. They all went above and beyond the call of duty, and made my stay at the Bronson an excellent one. These women made my time here special, and I will get better, sooner, because of their efforts and class. Again, in closing, I want to thank Bronson for having such first class people working on patients like myself. They are the best!

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