Wonderful medical intensive care unit!

Missy Wooding, Family Member

In August of this year my 19 year old son became very ill. He was taken by ambulance to Bronson Emergency Department after having a seizure at home. The staff in the ER were amazing and were on top of things getting him stabilized. From the ER he was transferred to MICU under the watchful eye of Dr. Pedraza. Due to complications of his illness he was sedated and put on a respirator. Not only did Dr. Pedraza do everything he could for my son but his team in MICU were wonderful! This was a very frightening and stressful time for myself and my family but the doctors, nurses, residents, etc were fantastic! They treated my son but they cared for our family too! After a couple days in MICU he was transferred to GMU where we encountered another wonderful group of medical care providers. There were a couple days I honestly did not think I was going to bring my son home from the hospital. Thanks to the experienced and caring team at Bronson my son is home, recuperating and will be returning to work soon. I will never be able to say enough good things about your staff for saving my son’s life!!!

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