With this program, Bronson employees can ride the Metro Transit bus lines free of charge!


What started with an employee recycling program and incorporating green practices into facility design more than twenty years ago has grown into healthy living and sustainability efforts of many kinds.

In 2016, Bronson partnered with Metro Transit in Kalamazoo on a new bus to workprogram (Bus2Work) which allowed Bronson employees to ride the Metro Transit bus lines free of charge. The program was a new way for Bronson to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability by incentivizing employees to use public transit – in turn reducing fuel emissions.

“In addition to reducing the number of cars on the road each day, the program is intended to serve as an employee benefit – reducing the financial burden of accessing public transportation and putting valuable resources back in the pockets of our employees,” says Grant Fletcher, system director of healthy living & sustainability at Bronson.

According to Fletcher, participation in the program is steadily increasing. “When the program started, Bronson employees took around 320 bus trips per month. Now we are seeing numbers as high as 1,116 rides per month!”

Based on the growing success of Bus2Work, Bronson has formalized the program and funded it for a second year.

Bronson employees are very pleased with the program. “I am grateful for the Bus2Work program,” explains Gina Landry, a medical secretary on the pediatric surgery unit at Bronson Methodist Hospital. “It gives me a dependable and safe way to get to and from work without having to deal with traffic or parking. Plus, it makes me feel good knowing that I am helping to reduce fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions,” she explains. “And best of all, I have been saving around $60 in gas each month!”

The Bronson Bus2Work program is one of several steps the organization is taking in an effort to reduce parking demand on the downtown Kalamazoo campus. Over time, the goal is to free up 1,000 parking spaces. Bronson also has a Bike2Work program which encourages employees to commute by bicycle. Not only is this a way for employees to stay physically fit, but they are also able to earn rewards for miles biked and receive discounts around the community. The organization hopes to increase ridership of both the Bus2Work and Bike2Work programs in 2017.

To learn more about Bronson’s sustainability journey, visit bronsonhealth.com/who-we-are/sustainability.