When we look at our healthy, happy children, there is a small piece of Brooke and Shannon in our hearts!

Michelle Hiller, Patient

 Our family was blessed by the presence and expertise of two special nurses when we delivered our daughter Emma this past February. Our labor and delivery nurse, Brooke Hines, has a special place in our heart because she delivered our first baby, so when she made the extra effort to come in and deliver our second baby we were so excited and at peace. Brooke has an incredible bedside manner—her personality is contagious, her demeanor is comforting, and her expertise puts you at ease right away. She listened to all our concerns and desires for our delivery and made it her personal mission to make it happen for us. Brooke was an excellent coach and support for me. She listened and helped guide me in the delivery process. Our family is forever grateful for the role she has played in welcoming our two beautiful healthy children into the world.

When we moved to the Mother Baby Unit we were again blessed by having Shannon Vincent care for our family. Shannon was a wealth of knowledge and was a joy to have helping for us. Since we had some complications with our little one in utero, Shannon put our minds at ease right away. She carefully took the time to explain everything to us and left us feeling at ease and empowered once we were ready to leave the hospital. Shannon also had an intern with her and we were able to watch her guide and teach this aspiring nurse. She was a great teacher and wonderful care-taker for our family.

There is a Greek word—Meraki—which describes doing something with soul, creativity or love. It’s when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be. Said another way, it is leaving a piece of yourself in the work. Brooke and Shannon clearly put a piece of themselves into their work with each patient they encounter. When we look at our healthy, happy children, there is a small piece of Brooke and Shannon in our hearts! Thank you for all you do!

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