When I got to the hospital I was beyond terrified

Alison Young, Family Member

My daughter was brought in on 7/6/3021 after being injured in a car accident. When I got to the hospital I was beyond terrified but what helped so much was the care she received by all of the wonderful people at Bronson. I wish I would have gotten every name of every doctor, nurse, PCA, physical therapist, etc. So that I could thank them all individually. I knew right away my 21-year-old daughter was in great hands with amazing people caring for her. At 8 o’clock when I had to leave her side I knew that she was going to be made comfortable both physically and emotionally, I knew she was going to be treated like more than a patient, but somebody’s daughter, sister and friend. The following day I arrived before she was brought in for surgery, again I was greeted by wonderful, caring people who directed me where to go. I was able to sit with her before she was taken back and I really appreciated that her nurse took her time to reassure her that she was safe and explain everything that was going to take place step by step. I received texts during every phase of her operation explaining what was happening in real-time. After her surgery, her surgeon came and talked to me and took his time explaining how she was injured and what they did to repair her broken bones. He even had a whiteboard and actually drew a diagram of everything. In recovery, she was surrounded by the most caring individuals. Her pain was managed very well and they were very great at listening to her concerns and addressing her needs. Her physical therapist and occupational therapist were so patient and kind. Thank you Bronson for taking such great care of my daughter! From the beginning in The ER to outpatient appointments, everything has been no less than wonderful considering the circumstances.

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