When I go to Bronson I don’t feel like I’m going there for cancer treatment – I feel like I’m going home.

Sherrie Farlin, Patient

In 2015 I was having a pain in my right side, and I knew it was pancreatic cancer. I knew because two of my friends have had it. I wasn’t ready to deal with the reality of having cancer yet so I put off going to the doctor for a while. When I was finally ready, I went to the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center.

The day of my appointment came and I was getting a CT scan to confirm what I knew to be true. After that appointment I thought to myself, “I need to call my mom and tell her.” When I started to tell my mom what was going on she was crying, but I could tell something else was wrong. My mom told me that she, too, had been diagnosed with cancer that same day. She had small cell lung cancer and was also going to the cancer care center.

I see Dr. Niyati Bhagwati for my treatment and she is wonderful, and I love her warm personality. I appreciate how she doesn’t sugarcoat anything, but that she is always compassionate when she is telling me what is going on. She always holds my hand and is honest with me. I also appreciate that Dr. Bhagwati includes me in the decisions, she doesn’t just make them for me and she makes me feel a part of the plan. She is great about communicating what I can expect from treatment like the side effects. My family also comes with me for my appointments, and she does a great job of communicating with all of us and answering everyone’s questions.

My nurse, Roseanna, is extremely helpful too. She always takes good care of me when I come in for chemotherapy. She tells me all about different things I can do to help decrease the side effects of chemo – like using different rinses for my mouth. Bronson also has a lot of additional support classes. For women they have classes about how to do your make-up, they helped me find a resource for a free wig, and it helped make me feel whole again. I chose Bronson because I had taken my sister there for her cancer treatment and I saw the way they take care of her. Like my mom, she also had small cell lung cancer. They’re compassionate, they communicate well, and everyone that works there is so helpful.

When I go to Bronson I don’t feel like I’m going there for cancer treatment – I feel like I’m going home. The doctors and nurses spend a lot of one on one time with me and I’ve gone to other hospitals where that doesn’t always happen. At Bronson they really care about their patients, and I’ve seen that with my own experience as well as through my sister and my mom. All of us have received excellent care there and I’m extremely grateful.