What I witnessed next was absolutely amazing.

Jim McKernan, COO, Bronson Battle Creek

As we close out 2016 . . . a story about great teamwork at BBC is appropriate.  One week ago, our Critical Care Unit had a sudden power loss.  As CCU unit coordinator Dan Krage described it:  ‘what I witnessed next was absolutely amazing.’  Staff from across the unit and beyond immediately went to each room to assure patients were safe – the response was intuitive and immediate.  Respiratory therapists and manager Jan Burdick arrived to assure that all was well with vent, BiPAP and other patients.  Mike Lewis from security and Joe Dorko from bio-med arrived to assess needs and help.  House manager Christy Torres and surgery director Denese Doyle called and visited to provide support.  Facilities and maintenance responded quickly.  C3 loaned carts.  The list could go on – but it was an immediate flow of support, assuring patients were safe, and that there was no interruption in patient care.

Great story to close 2016.  Thanks to all who responded and assisted CCU.  But more importantly, thanks to all across Bronson who recognize and demonstrate teamwork every day – creating exceptional care experiences for our patients and families.

Happy New Year!