What an amazing team!! It makes my heart happy.

Stacey Boyd, Family Member

My Dad has been a patient at the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center for pancreatic cancer treatment. He recently learned he’s not eligible for surgery & has to continue with chemo indefinitely. I told him I was sorry to hear that. He said “if it weren’t about going for chemo, I would say I actually like going”. He went on to say how truly awesome all the nurses & doctor always are. He told how they pick on each other & my Dad (which he loves, by the way as he is a big time joker). He specifically named Chelsea (her name starts with a Q) and her singing. He loves to hear her sing! He also mentioned Hannah & Lindsey, which is funny because that’s the name of two of his grandkids, and Kathy who joked with him from the start  that “this is not about him, it’s all about her.” I laughed so hard, because that is exactly what he (& we) needs… LAUGHTER!

He also talks about how great Dr. Tariq is. I can never give you enough “Thank yous.” My dad means the world to me & my kids & I find such comfort from this! Bless you all!