What a joy and relief

Robert Weir, Patient

Men, If you have questions or concerns about your prostate, get it checked out.

My prostate was enlarged, urinary urgency and frequency was a problem. So were embarrassing dribbles on my pants, especially when wearing light-colored pants. The transurethral resectioning of my prostate (TURP) performed by my urologist, Dr. Robert Isacksen, was one of the best things of my entire later life.

I was asleep during the surgery. I felt nothing. Yes, there was a post-op catheter, but it was comfortable enough, and it was professionally monitored in the hospital for several days after the surgery, then removed. No more urgency. No more frequency. No more dribbles. What a joy and relief.

That was two years ago. I was 68 and had been dealing with the urinary symptoms for about five years.

More recently, there was some blood in my urine. Five times in four days. Then, two weeks later, twice in two days. I called Dr. Isacksen. He performed a cystoscopy. I was awake then, so I was aware of what was being done, but he was careful and he anesthetized the area before beginning. The small discomfort that lasted for a mere 30 minutes afterward was more than offset with good news: no cancer and no stones in my bladder. The blood, he said, was coming from a small vein in my prostate that was healing. No problem.

So, to repeat, men (and their loved ones) if you’re concerned, get it checked out.