They have no idea what an awesome, beautiful thing they did

Julia Swanson, Family Member

Three nurses from the BBC C5 team

Three nurses from the C5 unit at Bronson Battle Creek HospitalMy husband, Rod was recently admitted to Bronson Battle Creek Hospital due to side effects/complications from his cancer treatments. Everyone from the emergency department to all the staff on Floor 5 were so efficient, helpful and kind. Fighting cancer is not easy or fun, especially when it’s your birthday. The nurses, aides, and all those on Floor 5 really went out of their way to make Rod feel special on his birthday. They all pitched in and got him a cake and sang Happy Birthday to him. They have no idea what an awesome, beautiful thing they did to make him feel, if even for a moment, on top of the world. That’s what Bronson Battle Creek Hospital and their wonderful staff made possible! I also want to give a special shout out to Dr. DeLeon!!! What an awesome doctor he is! He was so thorough, understanding, patient, sympathetic and strong! His plan of attack for treatment was outstanding and made it possible for Rod to be discharged sooner than expected! Dr. DeLeon is the PERFECT example of what a doctor should be and his bedside manner is the best we have ever seen! Thank you Dr. DeLeon and all of the staff at Bronson, we will never forget all you have done for us.