Went above and beyond

Kelsey Ignaczak, Patient

On Monday of this week I had to have a variety of testing done at the hospital. One of those tests was a timed procedure that involved ingesting a contrast material and having a test 90 minutes later. During that 90 minutes I also had to have some critical lab work done. When I went to the lab after ingesting the contrast  medium, there were at least a dozen people waiting and only one lab tech there. I estimated at least an hour wait. I went back to the Radiology department and explained the situation. One of the check- in desk employees, Al L. went above and beyond by calling a lab tech to come to radiology to draw the labs so the results would be done in time for the test. She then escorted me to the CT Scan area, got me a glass of water and was just so nice and kind to me.  I wanted to recognize her helpfulness, efficiency and thank her again for all of her efforts.

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