Wendy is such an encouragement and motivator for me

Christine Truer, Bronson Wellness Center Member

Wendy, my Drums Alive, instructor is absolutely one of the best ever. I’ve been a part of a Cardio Drumming classes before but nothing like Wendy’s! She is a highly motivated instructor who encourages us to go beyond what we might think we can do. She also encourages us even if we can’t and helps us to go at our own pace, if necessary. Wendy is such an dedicated instructor and I wish they would have more than 1 Drums Alive class per week. I currently attend the one that she offers on Tuesday’s but it would be SO very helpful if she could also have a second class on Thursdays during the same time (5:00 p.m.) I am also a part of the Circuit Training with Bobby immediately following Wendy’s class and I need it to get ready for the grueling (but good) working out we get for the next 30 minutes. Wendy is such an encouragement and motivator for me so if I could recommend another Drums Alive class, I would like to do this. I need this to help me as I prepare for the rest of my workout routine. Thank you, Wendy, for being willing to be an extremely knowledgeable accountability trainer and encourage me to do my very best for my own health! You are the BEST!