We will forever be a Bronson Family

Christine Stacey, Patient

I had been ill for 8.5 months. I had been to other local hospitals and doctors and even spent time over at another prestigious hospital on the East side of state. I was continually told it was a virus. I knew this couldn’t be right. Due to my symptoms, life was challenging at home, and my family suffered. I wasn’t the mom or wife or sibling I had always been. My career suffered as well.

After a friend recommended Dr. Lawlor at Bronson Internal Medicine – John St., I decided to make an appointment. In one visit and routine blood work, he believed he knew what was happening. The test was ordered to confirm and the diagnosis was made. What happened next would be the scariest event of my life. I coded while at the testing site in the hospital, but from there my family and I received the top rated care until I was back on my feet living my life again. My husband said from the moment it happened until they had me in trauma to getting to my room, each doctor and nurse each knew their role and it was seamless. They and Dr. Lawlor saved my life. Bronson Methodist Hospital should not be overlooked when a loved one needs care. We will forever be a Bronson Family.