We will be eternally grateful to all of those who assisted that morning.

Olora Ward, Patient

In the early morning hours on Saturday, January 10, 2015 my daughter was in serious hard labor. On the drive in her contractions were coming one after another, no time in between. We pulled up to the North Pavilion entrance and our family friend, our driver, jumped out to get her a wheelchair. Inside, there were no chairs available, so he shouted to the receptionist that we needed one and ran back to his van the help her out. I ran in shouting we had a patient in hard labor and we needed help! My daughter, even with help, could only make it to just outside the entrance. The security guard who was posted at the entrance ran out and I heard him yell to someone to grab his coat from his office just inside. He thru it over her like a blanket. I, in turn, took off my coat and rolled it up and put it under her head for a pillow and grabbed a clean, sweatshirt I had brought with me and had the guard help slide it up under bottom for a clean cover over the cement. It was about that time nurses, doctors (?), more security guards, a midwife (?) all started rushing out to help. Now remember, we were all still outside on the sidewalk. The temperature that morning was a toasty 3*F with a wind chill of -12*F. I could see that the babies head was out and mom was trying to hold his head to keep him partially in. A doctor or midwife, a woman, stepped in, quickly pulled mom’s pajama pants and underwear off and my beautiful grandson was born. A nurse (?) took him as soon as possible and rushed him to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I can’t remember who assisted at that point but they got my daughter onto a gurney and took her to the Mother-Baby Unit to finish caring for her. This was an amazing night! Our baby was born at 3:45 am, weighing in at 6 lbs even, 18 inches long. He spent only about an hour and a half in NICU to warm him up and confirm his ability to maintain a stable body temperature. Without the quick thinking of the various hospital staff, this could have been a tragedy to both the baby and my daughter. We will be eternally grateful to all of those who assisted that morning! BTW, both mommy and baby are doing well and are now safe and warm at home.

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