We were taken care of by many amazing staff at Bronson ENT

Heather Bither, Family Member

My daughter recently failed her hearing test at Early Intervention. Our pediatrician Dr. Springsteen referred us to Bronson ENT. Dr. Caleb Springsteen makes my daughter feel safe and he has such an amazing bedside manner. His office staff are always welcoming and great with kids as well.

During our visits to Bronson ENT we were taken care of by many amazing staff who were explaining what they were doing, what the test results were and what we were going to do to fix it. Angela Enders, PA-C, the many nurses, Kimberly Palmer CCC-A and Dr. Prophit have my daughter on the road to hearing and closing the gap on her speech delay due to hearing issues. Dr. Prophit was beyond caring and offered up time to make us feel comfortable and informed before, during and after surgery. I also want to thank the post op nurses (Beth?) for her compassionate care rocking my peanut as she was coming out of surgery. It eased my anxiety as a mom to see my baby being held and comforted.

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