We trust our lives to our doctors and I trust mine with Bronson

Trisha Cole, Patient

Having a complex medical history, having a medical team of doctors who work with each other as a whole to collaborate my care has made a huge difference in my quality of life. For many years, I suffered knowing that there was more to my health issues. I spoke with my PCP about being tired of doctors masking my issues instead of doing what it took to find the exact problem so we could treat it, not mask it. After months of doctors and test after test, my doctor found the exact issue. I know this isn’t going to go away, yet now we know some of my symptoms are now more manageable. I know I am not insane and that this is real that made my TRUST in my physician’s much higher. We trust our lives to our doctors and I TRUST mine with Bronson, whether it is the doctor or surgery or inpatient care. ❤   THANK YOU BRONSON DOCTORS & STAFF.