We truly appreciate you!

Jennifer Metzger, Patient

I just wanted to shout out my nurses in the birthing center. I believe everyone was Drew, Amy, Anna, Brittany and Stormie and everyone else who helped me get through the experience. I was a bit out of it at times. It began as a good experience for an induction. Slow start but still good. Then when things got rolling, Amy and Anna were rock stars. Anna got me through the hardest part that led to a c section. I always felt safe and I knew I had a great support system with just the staff alone. After my daughter was born, I barely remember much that day. I believe Brittany was my nurse although I honestly can’t recollect much of that day. I know my daughter was taken care of and we got much needed sleep. Thank you. Then my final nurse was Stormie, she was great. Very real but also compassionate. Thank you all and those who I didn’t mention. We truly appreciate you!

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