We talked about how we could help others that were hospitalized

Amy Henson, Donor

My son Stephen was sent to Bronson Children’s Hospital because of low hemoglobin. He was diagnosed while in the hospital with Ulcerative Colitis and Primary Scloerosing Cholangitis. We were grateful for the care he received.

Our pediatric nurses, aides, Child Life team members and Drs. Jones, Imam and Cameron, were friendly, knowledgeable and a great source of comfort, and even of laughter and joy, which was very much appreciated in the seriousness of his diagnosis.  He was made to feel less fearful in his medical procedures and was given the opportunity to be heard and ask questions.  Our entire family has been blessed by those that took care of his medical needs during that stay.

After we came home, Stephen, while concerned about his new diagnosis, was also expressing appreciation for the activities he was able to do to pass the time in the hospital.  We spoke together and talked about how we could help others that were hospitalized.  He thought the hospital needed a Nintendo Switch and games.  We talked about how to raise funds for that, everything from out right asking for donations to doing a lemonade stand (which he really wanted to do!)  Due to COVID-19, we decided to ask friends and family to help.  He raised  $725 and bought all the games carefully thinking about games for all ages. It was a great distraction for him, it helped him to concentrate on positive things about his hospital stay and not get stuck in his medical concerns.


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