We recognize Lori for showing interest and empathy for all

Jim McKernan , Bronson Employee

Today we recognize Lori VanNortwick, executive assistant in BBC Administration, for showing interest and empathy for all and supporting the team.

Recently, BBC completed our annual United Way campaign with our traditional special fundraiser – the silent auction in the Java Junction. Departments and individuals from across Bronson donate gifts or talents to provide some added financial support to our local United Way campaign. For many years, Lori VanNortwick has provided the organization and passion behind this fun and important special event. This past year, Lori even volunteered to create a second special auction in the summer to support our Bronson Health Foundation Little Help, Big Difference campaign.

Thanks to Lori for delivering some fun – but more importantly, for generating tens of thousands of dollars over the years to help care for those in need. And thanks to all at Bronson for the many ways you support Bronson and our community.