We really want what’s best for our patients.

Brandy Piper, Nurse Navigator

Vascular surgery patients that are diabetic and have vascular disease often come in with poorly fitted shoes, which make it difficult for ulcers to heal. Not everyone has the means to go out and buy the appropriate footwear. It becomes a barrier because we have to repeat procedures that may not be necessary if patients have properly fitted shoes. In the end, it comes down to trying to save their limbs. We never want patients to get to the point of needing toes or more amputated.

The Bronson Health Foundation has been helpful to us because we’ve been able help patients offset the cost of shoes through the Heart and Vascular Fund. It isn’t a lot of money, but it makes a huge difference for our patients whose insurance doesn’t cover footwear. It’s definitely a sense of relief for people, because they know they need to get the shoes, but sometimes they don’t know where to start.

I also think it’s important that when we as employees ask for help from the Foundation, that we also give back when we can. It makes our jobs easier to have those funds available and we really want what’s best for our patients. Knowing we have the Foundation to fall back on can ease our own minds as we help patients ease their struggles.