We really care and have a positive attitude

Candyce Stewart

I’m a clerical coordinator at the Bronson Battle Creek Cancer Care Center and often the first person people see when they arrive.

My challenge everyday is to make our patients and their families feel comfortable when they come in the door. Nobody wants to come to a cancer center. In the morning or afternoon, if I see someone who appears anxious, I try to say something humorous or compliment them, or something nice to try to get them to relax.

I had to take the cancer journey with both of my parents and because of that, it’s easy for me to sympathize and empathize with patients and their family members.

The staff in the Cancer Care Center is very unique. I came out of a sales environment before working at Bronson and my biggest impression of the staff is how genuine everyone is.  The staff goes above and beyond their role to make each patient comfortable and their effort is seamless. We really care, and have a positive attitude. Many business environments struggle to create what we do here effortlessly. As a team, we make sure the patient gets the best care and the best treatment.