We love these people!

Kylee Ridge, Family Member

My daughter, Sarah, has been a patient at Bronson Children’s Hospital throughout her life due to a chromosome disorder she’s had since birth. We’ve come to know many of the doctors and nurses there and Sarah has developed a strong bond with them.

She spent about two weeks in the hospital over Christmas. Being there during the holidays was tough, so to cheer her up, we decided we’d have a bowling party after she was home and feeling better. We jokingly began inviting every nurse, doctor and staff member who came into our room. They played along and we all laughed about it – it definitely lifted Sarah’s spirits!

A few weeks later, we followed through with our plans to take Sarah bowling. The party was a blast and we were having a wonderful day with family and friends. Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better, we saw Dr. Russell Cameron walk into the bowling alley!

He heard from a coworker that we decided to have the bowling party for Sarah, so he stopped by on his way home from work. Sarah was so surprised and happy to see him. She adores Dr. Cameron. This is one of the many examples of how he always goes above and beyond for his patients.

We recently planned another trip to the bowling alley, and I heard a rumor from one of our favorite nurses that there would be a few doctors making a guest appearance. The rumor proved true when Dr. Megan Sikkema, Dr. Joseph Fakhoury, and two nurses, Jen VanderKlok and Mandy Santman, arrived at the party. We love these people!

Thank you, Dr. Cameron, Dr. Sikkema, Dr. Fakhoury, Jen and Mandy for making Sarah’s special days unforgettable!

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