We love our service and care at Bronson

Kimberly Tembreull , Family Member

I had an outstanding experience with Chelsea Bouman, practice manager for Bronson Rambling Rd. Pediatrics Portage location. My son, a patient at this practice since birth, is a college student and had turned 21 this past July. We had not yet established an adult physician practice for him as he is still in college.

He was nervous at an employment physical and had a slightly elevated blood pressure reading. The employment physical was stopped until he could return within 48 hours with a note from his physician indicating he did not have a history of high blood pressure and also have it checked by his physician.

Chelsea understood our predicament and the potential for the lifelong Bronson patient to lose out on a wonderful employment opportunity due to a technicality. She was able to schedule an appointment with a clinician today for a BP review and, as expected, it was normal. My son is on his way to finish his employment physical and still has the job opportunity available to him thanks to her care and compassion to go the extra mile in an unusual situation.

We commend her, we are thankful for her action and we are grateful. We do have a new “adult level” provider appointment scheduled for Thomas at another Bronson practice as we love our service and care at Bronson and look forward to continuing a long standing relationship with you. Please thank Chelsea for her extraordinary efforts and for caring.

The Tembreull Family