We love our patients and will do anything to brighten their day

Michele Thomas, Employee

We have a patient who has been receiving cancer treatment for the last 1.5 years. This particular patient is incredibly kind hearted and considerate, always asking how everyone is doing and is just a genuinely good person. Her and her husband have ridden motorcycles for a long time. The patient was struggling with the decision to stop treatment and go on hospice.

Since she is a “biker chick,” I have been teasing her about dancing to the song “Biker’s Shuffle” for the last few months. Our staff had planned on surprising her for her last treatment, however, she cancelled since she was not feeling well, and her next doctor’s appointment was also cancelled as she was planning to go on hospice. Finally, our staff was able to work out a date with her husband to make our surprise a reality. The majority of the staff from the Cancer Care Center participated in one way or another; some danced, others took pictures and videos, Biker masks were made by one staff member and another made the signs. Our pastoral care team member, Carol Sue, also came in on her day off to be our sign holder, and plant operations brought over a ladder to help with the video taking. Both the patient and her husband were moved to tears.  We love our patients and will do anything to brighten their day!