We keep patients and families at the center of what we do

Dorothy Malcolm, vice president patient care services and chief nursing officer, Bronson Battle Creek

Bronson Battle Creek is a special place because of the great people. Our staff always puts patients first and they go out of their way to live the mission and vision of Bronson. We keep patients and families at the center of what we do.

Bronson Battle Creek recently received an A grade for patient safety from the Leapfrog Group. That grade says that we are above the benchmark nationally for patient safety. We are the only ones in the region to have an A grade. We take a lot of pride in that grade. It reflects what we do and we say we are going to do. People should feel confident we provide safe, quality care.

We’ve done a lot of work around quality and safety. We do a daily check in every day to make sure there aren’t any safety or quality issues we need to intervene on right away. We keep track of those things to make sure if something does need to be changed we do it in a timely manner for both patients and for staff. We are really focusing on preventing any events that would cause harm. We’ve seen things like a 20 percent reduction in our falls, which is a big thing. Hospitals across county are continually working to prevent falls.

In the seven years I’ve been here, Bronson Battle Creek has changed tremendously. We’ve developed a patient experience team and increased our patient satisfaction significantly. We’ve provided more advanced training for leaders and staff. We’ve implemented executive rounds, which means our leaders are going throughout the hospital to get input from staff and patients. We’ve also implemented a patient family advisory council, which includes families that have had experiences at the hospital giving us input. We started a hand-off at the bedside, where the nurse who is ending a shift and the nurse starting a shift will talk at the patient’s bedside. That kind of communication is really important for patient and family centered care.

We get a lot of positive feedback about all the work that has gone into improvements over the past seven years. We’ve remodeled our nursing units and emergency department, our patients rooms have all been updated will all new furniture and beds, and our birthplace is such a comfortable environment families.

From orthopedics to wound, to cancer care, neurology, radiology, surgery and beyond, Bronson takes patient safety and quality to a level I haven’t seen anywhere else. For all those reasons, I’m proud to work at Bronson Battle Creek.