We have a fantastic group of staff

Dr. Nilay Gandhi, Provider

Joining Bronson LakeView Family Care in Paw Paw has been very exciting. I enjoy being able to interact with the wonderful staff and patients every day. We have a fantastic group of staff, including the front desk team, medical assistants and support staff. My partners and colleagues from other practices have been extremely helpful and welcoming as I get my feet on the ground working here, as well.

Family medicine allows physicians like myself to build close relationships with patients. It’s so much more than just treating disease and helping people feel better. It is the aspect of forming strong relationships with my patients that really attracted me to becoming a family doctor. I love that I get to build relationships on the foundation of mutual trust and understanding.

Being able to develop a care plan with a patient, allowing them to be actively involved in their own health is the most rewarding part of my job. Everyone has a different story, and as a family doctor I feel it is my responsibility to understand that a person in the exam room is an individual, not a diagnosis. Bronson Positivity shares that same philosophy as we all strive to maintain a positive and accepting environment for all of our patients.

I want patients to know that my ultimate goal is to enable them to take an active role in their own health care. While I will do everything I can to provide excellent medical care, I also want my patients to feel like they can go home and be empowered to make changes on their own to improve their overall health.