We had an excellent experience at the vaccination clinic

MaryAnne Summey (Terry) , Patient

I am a retiree from Bronson IT. I am over 65 and thus was eligible for receiving my first COVID-19 vaccine on 1-16-21. We had an excellent experience at the vaccination clinic. Overall, it was extremely well organized and efficient. We only waited a couple of minutes for our turn. We had absolutely no pain when the shot was administered. The next day we did have sore arms but not more than with other vaccinations. We feel fine otherwise.

My husband and I have been so diligent in complying with CDC guidelines to avoid contracting the virus but have very much missed socializing with our friends and family including seeing my 89-year-old mother-in-law in a nursing home. This has been so very difficult for her to be so isolated. Getting this vaccine means that soon we will again be able to gather with our vaccinated friends and visit the nursing home. What a relief! THANK YOU BRONSON!!