We had a great experience and plan to use Bronson BirthPlace for any future children

Melanie Woods, Patient

I recently gave birth at Bronson (Bronson BirthPlace – Kalamazoo) and couldn’t have had a better experience with the L&D (labor and delivery), and mother/baby staff. Kara and Susan were my L&D nurses, Kara worked with me for the longest amount of time. Kara was wonderful and so encouraging as my labor progressed, she answered all of my questions thoroughly and exuded grace through all of the challenges of my labor. Somehow she knew just what to say to provide the support I needed.

Susan was also wonderful and encouraging as she took over as my labor progressed. I had two anesthesiologists work with me: one for my epidural and one in my c-section, both explained the procedures well and talked me through them as they were happening. The one in my c-section made sure to stay where I could see him and was paying close attention to my facial expressions so he easily noticed when I needed to know what was going on.

My nurses in mother/baby were Alyssa, Jeanie, and Tammy; each of them were amazing and provided the best care for myself, husband, son, and the visitors we had. Each nurse checked in often to see if we needed anything and were always more than willing to do whatever we needed. They were also prompt at stopping by when I pushed the call button. Each was kind and considerate when we had visitors, to ask if they could discuss things in front of our company, or to offer to come by later when our company had left. The lactation staff (Bronson Breastfeeding Center) was wonderful as well, they were encouraging and never made me feel like it was my fault that nursing was a struggle. Overall we had a great experience and plan to use Bronson Birthplace for any future children we have.

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