We do our best to make being here fun.

Nathan Vemich, RN

I’ve been an RN at Bronson Children’s Hospital for nine years, and am now the nurse manager in the pediatric and pediatric intensive care unit.  I feel lucky to have been offered a position in the children’s hospital right out of nursing school.

Working at the children’s hospital has its unique challenges and is also fun. Sick kids often don’t have a complete understanding of their illness. They don’t understand why they are being poked with a needle or undergoing a certain procedure. You try to help them cope and bring it to their level. We do our best to try and make being here fun. Kids tell you what they are thinking, they are honest and always give you a good laugh. It’s a fun environment. We have movies, bingo and we celebrate lots of events to make sure our patients have a good experience. Working with kids you have to be flexible, relaxed, and have to be prepared for constant changes.

We have an exciting, fun atmosphere. Hearing kids laugh and watching them play is part of the fun.

The staff here is a family. Everyday we work together and provide exceptional care to patients and families. We really bring families into the care plan and make sure they are involved in making medical decisions for their sons and daughters.

It’s really fulfilling to get to know the families and getting to cheer on some of our longstanding patients as they progress through their illness or injuries. We often get to see patients walk out and get back to the lives they were living before they came here. That’s really a rewarding part of this job.





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