We are very lucky to have you in our community

Cindi Holmes, Family Member

Yesterday I was attempting to pick up a friend after her skin cancer surgery. The Vine Street ramp was closed. Not being familiar with the other access I was driving around the hospital looking for the correct entry to the ramp where I was told to park. Feeling frustrated and afraid I was going to be late I noticed three medical professions walking out the front entrance of the Hospital. I lowered my window and asked for directions to the ramp. A young man in the group came to the window and asked if I would allow him he would ride to the ramp with me and show me where I needed to go. He then escorted me into the hospital and directed me to the appropriate nurses station. I was so grateful for his assistance I asked his name. He showed me his badge and introduced himself. Rodger DO, Maternal Fetal Medicine. His kindness and concern was so appreciated. Giving up his lunch period to help me was a very heart warming experience. Thank you so much Rodger. Your patients are very fortunate to have you in their care. My entire experience at Bronson yesterday was amazing. We are very lucky to have you in our community.