We are very fortunate to have this service here at Bronson

Becky Lewis, Employee

We would like to send a big thank you to the CISM team at Bronson. Recently Bronson at Home experienced a sudden loss of a co-worker. As you can imagine, we were all devastated by this news. I remembered from a leadership meeting that Bronson had a crisis intervention team to support employees. I reached out to the CISM team and was impressed by how quickly they responded to our situation. The next day we had staff meetings in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek for all of our employees. CISM sent their teams to both locations to provide support. It was very comforting to our staff to know they were there for us.

The CISM team had some very helpful tools and guidance. They knew exactly what to say to us when we didn’t even know what to say or how to feel. They gave us time to think, time to cry and time to just be silent. They let us express our emotions in any way we needed. They were very helpful with giving us tools to face the day and the days ahead. The Bronson at Home staff were very receptive to this and appreciative.

Since this debriefing, they have reached out to check on us and to see how we are doing. We appreciate this wonderful, experienced team and their quick response in such a devastating time. We are very fortunate to have this service here at Bronson.

What is CISM? Bronson is committed to helping employees be well and live a balanced lifestyle. Following a critical or traumatic event, it can be difficult to function normally at work or home. The Bronson Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team is available to help employees through these difficult situations by providing healthy and effective coping techniques.