We are so very grateful to have a health system like Bronson in our community

Brian Colopy, Community Member

Bronson Sports Medicine continues to be an integral part of the Kalamazoo Growlers baseball team.

When the Growlers were attempting to bring baseball back to Kalamazoo, Bronson supported and believed in the team from day 1.  They not only supported the team through sponsorship, they helped create community programs, fan experiences and oversee the health and safety of our players.

The Bronson Home Run for life program recognizes three individuals that have overcome adversity, illness, injuries and more. It allows our team to tell inspirational stories to our community in a meaningful and impactful way.

The Bronson Children’s Hospital Night is a fan favorite.  We wear a specialty jersey that sometimes places nurses, doctors and patients’ names on the jersey.  We have even placed children’s handprints on the jersey that are in turn auctioned off after the game with proceeds supporting the Children’s Hospital.

Finally, Bronson’s Athletic trainers and team doctors have overseen our team’s health and safety from day 1.  They take care of the future MLB stars of tomorrow and ensuring that this is a top priority is crucial to our long-term success.

Not only have Bronson Athletic trainers stepped up during normal seasons, they oversaw and advised us through the most difficult challenge our organization has ever faced, the COVID-19 pandemic.  Bronson helped us devise a safety plan and protocols and attended and oversaw over 125 games during the 2020 summer.

We are so very grateful to have a health system like Bronson in our community and more specifically the support from Bronson Sports Medicine for our Kalamazoo Growlers Baseball team.

Team Owner,

Brian Colopy

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